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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Enchanting Day with Sonya and Terrence

I had another wonderful opportunity to photograph and tell a unique Wedding Story with a very lovely couple, Sonya and Terrence. They got married in the Enchanting Avenair Mountains of Georgia, about 3 hours away from Atlanta (call it my first destination wedding for 2007). But seriously, I had a great time photographing them. Traditionally I like to post my favorite images, but I thought...Let's do something different....A SLIDE SHOW!!! Take a moment to check out their Wedding and The Day After Images in this Slide Show which was photographed at the Verve Restaurant. If you'd like to see more just click here, then click on Weddings and click on their names. As always feedback & comments are welcome and I encourage you to share with others....enjoy!


Anonymous said...

To the ARTIST behind these wonderful pictures - YOU did an outstanding job! This is more personable that I could have ever imagined. As God sister to Sonya & Terrence, I am excited for these two individuals. There isn't a more deserving couple than these two. Their love for each other, their kids, family and friends is so unique and immeasurable. Usually when you see wedding pictures - the response is "Ahhh, those are cute pics" or "her dress is gorgeous". However, when I viewed these, I was lost for words and tears began to flow from my eyes.

Congratulations to The Newly Weds & Hats Off to the ARTIST for the creative vision.

tracy said...

Yay! Great job on your first slideshow Michelle!

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