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Monday, May 26, 2008

Kids Foto Shoot

I had a Foto Session just for kids this month, hosted by Serenity Hair Salon. I had the opportunity to photograph the nicest, adorable young girl, her name is Brittany. She is also my feature client from the Kids Foto Session at Serenity Hair Salon. Brittany is 12 yo. and a very fashionable 12 yo. I might add. She coordinated her own outfit (of course with her Mother's assistance) and added her favorite accessories. I had so much fun photographing Ms. Brittany.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Final Part of our BBC Workshop

You don't have to say it....I know I've been a slacker :( I apologize but it's been a bit crazy in my world. I'm finally posting the maternity session we had with Beth! She was such a trooper, with all of us saying..."ok look here" look here, ok can you look here...LOL. Beth Thanks so much for allowing us to photograph you. I'm sure Beth has had the baby by now. You can check out Beth here, and read about her experience at BBC, I so much enjoyed meeting her. Ok, I know it's Sunday, but I've got a wedding I'm shooting with the fabaliss Stacey Bode....talk to you soon! Have a great Day!!!! And if you're off tomorrow, ENJOY IT!! Here are just a few images from the session.







Friday, May 09, 2008

What Brand do you Like?

Well it's Friday night and I've been working on my branding all week....it's been a crazy hectic week! cut me some slack :) but that's one of the things I learned at Liana's BBC, that you have to develop your branding. Liana showed us how to do that by composing a "Brand Board" put the things that are you on your board. I started out with a picture of Sonya & Terrence, a lovely couple whose wedding I photographed last year. From their photo I began to build on the things associated with me, what I like and make me who I am. I went through different websites and magazines I frequent and this is what I came up with I did have alot on here but then it started getting out of control, so I cut back a bit. It's still a work in progress but tell me what comes to mind when you look at my "Branding Board", I'd be curious to know. Well that's it for tonight but, don't fret I haven't forgotten Beth's maternity session, it's coming soon....


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Survivors of Liana's Photo Buziness Boot Camp aka BBC

I just finished attending Liana's BBC (Business Boot Camp) and it was overwhelming, intense, revealing, and Great all at the same time! I enjoyed myself emmensely and I have so much to do, I'm looking forward to the change. If you haven't attended or are thinking of going please go, You won't regret it. Liana Thanks so much girl, you're awesome!! Ladies, it was so nice to meet all of you and to get to know you! K.I.T.

Here are the survivors of BBC (from left to right) Ellen, Karen, Jamie, Marie and Beth. Beth is expecting next month so keep a look out for her Maternity Session. I'll be posting those soon!


Karen was showing the Ladies a different feature on their cameras.

Liana had some additional assistants beside Sara. Charlie & Gracie. This is Charlie below. He worked so hard making us feel comfortable, warm and loved. By the time BBC was over Charlie was pooped! Here he is barely waking up from one of his naps LOL....sweet Charlie! Unfortuately I didn't get many shots of Gracie, but she's in the first picture with the BBC Survivors ;)


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