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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008....it's Here!!!

Wow! It's finally here and so quickly. 2007 seem like it just came and went. This is my first posting for January 2008, of course and I'm excited. Back in Oct. 2006 I had the opportunity to attend an awesome photography workshop called Xtreme as some of you might remember and one of the projects we worked on was using available lighting in our surroundings, meaning NO FLASH, (if possible). Since last night a lot of folks were going out to party or getting together with friends and family, I wanted to used the opportunity to photograph images using only available lighting and last night I had the opportunity to do that. Yeah, I can't believe it myself, but I was one of the many who trailed down to the underground to photograph the dropping of the peach ball and the fireworks, but my focus and project was to use only the available lighting in my surroundings (no flash) and these are the photos that I came back with. Feel free to share a comment, or thought.

With each new year, you always want to do things a little different than the year before and 2008 is no exception. I'm not into making "New Year Resolutions" because I frequently reflect and set goals throughout my life, and in the coming days and weeks I'm going to share those with you be it professional or personal. But in the meantime and in between time I hope you enjoy my photographs.

Couldn't resist the Coca-Cola sign all nice and Neon Red

As you can see it was plenty packed....yes I'm still alittle in disbelief that I had the nerve to go down there.


I had the opportunity to snap a couple of shots of Channel 2 Action News Reporter Eric Phillip



As you can see it was time for the peach to drop....


and the fireworks to begin.


Using only available light...so cool!!!




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