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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jamaica PART III

Well I'm finally at the end Blogging about my Jamaica Adventure. It was truly a wonderful experience. I was going through my images, and as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I wanted to show a little bit of the island, I guess in particular where we stayed at, since time was limited. But If you ever get a chance and want to get away from it all, please, please, please, you've got to visit Tensing Pen. Talk about beauty and serenity. Tensing Pen is a must stay resort. Thanks Jamie and Mike for the awesome accommodations.

Ok but getting back to my pictures, I said i wanted to post some pictures of Jamaica, show the flavor of the island, but I also wanted to post a few more pictures of Jamie & Mike the lovely newlywed. So I hope you enjoy the images and I would love hear from you whether it's an event you would like me to photograph or you just want to leave me a comment about what you thought, I would love it!


The Groom and his Best Man




This is the reception after dark, the lighting was so cool.
They had the most colorful drinks, I had to get a shot....and no I didn't do any drinking the whole time I was there (i don't drink when i work)...but there was this one drink I got so addicted to call "Ting" but its a soda (hee hee)
even the bartenders were willing and ready to pour me and Tracy a drink at the drop of a hat but instead we wanted ginger ale, were soda girls!
This is where we stayed as I mentioned before at Tensing Pen....Wonderful Place!!!

this is the front lobby area, very nice and breezy
I called them Security.....(hee hee) but really they wouldn't hurt a fly.
This was the restaurant overlooking the water and pool area. Me and Tracy had a delicious dinner here on our last night!!
This is the view looking into the restaurant
just a sample of the delicious and good looking food being served...oh i didn't mention this but in Jamaica nothing is done fast, now that's not a bad thing because please believe when i say it is well worth the wait....
this was our lovely and quaint room, no television, no phone, no radio. just the sounds of the ocean....oh i miss it already.
this was something cute they put on the bed.
this was a place down the street me and tracy walked to, to eat lunch. if you notice the green bottle on the table, that's the addictive "Ting" drink I couldn't stop drinking.

Of course the blue sea was my favorite attraction




These were some locals that were bike riding and had to be in the picture
we were going to eat here but they were booked

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Darcie Brown said...

Jamaica keeps looking better and better! I hope you make yourself an album of all the wonderful pictures you took.

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