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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vy's Bridal Luncheon and Rehearsal Dinner

It's Saturday evening and I'm relaxing and recovering from my broke back this week. Don't know how it happen but Sunday got up and I couldn't bend over, my back just decided to rebel against the rest of the body members and give me havoc this week so I'm taking it easy, having a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey, one of my favorite hot drinks. It's only right that i be in the right frame of mind and mood to write about this next wedding I shot with my good friend, and "Fabaliss" Southern California Photographer Tracy Kumono.

Just so you'll know, this blog posting will be "to be continue". We arrived Friday and were invited to the bridal luncheon as guest! I thought it was such a sweet gesture of the bride for her so i was eager to meet her. Oh! I need to also mention that her finance was nothing less than Awesome! He picked Tracy and I up from the airport assisted us with our bags drove us to the hotel and even walked us up to our room to make sure everything was perfect! I was already thinking that the Bride had a Gem in her future Husband. Ok, now getting back to the story.

We arrived to the Bridal Luncheon at the hotel and the maid of honor had prepared the gifts and such for the guests. The table was so pretty.


It was such a quaint and cozy luncheon and to my pleasant surprise I found out that the Bride is a fellow Anne of Green Gables FAN!! How cool is that, in fact quiet a few of the ladies were Anne of Green Gables fan. So I instantly felt a connection to the bride and ladies. We talked about Anne of Green Gables for a while. I had so much fun recounting some of the drama Ms. Anne Shirley got herself into and her inital denial of being in love with Gilbert Blythe.

The maid of honor had us fill out these cards, you had to tell what house cleaning chore you hated and why....it was part of a game we would later play, but little did i know the chore i hated would come back to bite me LOL

family and friends together sharing the day before one of the most important days of Vy's life.

The menu had so much to choose from, here are a couple of food shots of what dishes ordered. And you know i love taking pictures of food.





After the luncheon we headed up to the hotel room for dessert eating, gift opening and game playing.


The bride's expressions were to funny I captured a few surprised looks :)

then we played the "What house chore i hate and Why". We each took turns telling what chore we hated and why. There's more to this game than I'm telling but what happens in NJ stays in NJ. (hee hee) As you can see it was hilarious.

and of course we got some group photos.

After all the fun we had at the bridal luncheon we soon headed to the church for rehearsal and then to dinner. Dinner was at the Peking Duck House. Talk about food galore!! I tried to make sure i got a picture of all the dishes that were served, i might have missed a few but you can see there was plenty. Stay tune for the wedding day, you don't want to miss it!




Vy said...

These pics are awesome Michelle :) Looking at them bring such warm feeling to my heart. Jeff was totally smiling when he read your comments :)
Yes, you are a kindred spirit :) can't wait to see more! btw, hope your back feel better...

Aimy said...

Hey Michelle! Awesome pictures! Especially of all the food! =P Will we be able to buy pictures from you?


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