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Friday, December 04, 2009

The Jasmine Star Workshop Continued...

Well, it's been a while i know since my last posting. Please accept my apologies for blogging out like that, but i must say it's been quite busy. I'm a work in progress of trying to blog more regularly.

As I mentioned in my last blog posting that my trip and experience was FABALISS! Jasmine, her husband JD and mother are such incredible great people! I tell you I learned a lot! The whole day was high energy for me! From Jasmine's opening remarks and experience of how she got into photography to her great business mindset. I get goose bumps and such inspiration just thinking about this trip. Well I'm not going to talk too much since its been a minute since my last posting. I'd rather you look at the my photos. I'll let them do the talking and I'll just interject in between!

here's where the workshop was held, very cozy, quaint, location that was very cool!

this was such a personal touch that jasmine had for us!

yes, personal handwritten notes to all of us!! How cool was that! Thanks so much Jasmine for your kind words, they were very encouraging.

Ms. J* starting the workshop off.

after lunch we got ready to go and shoot our hearts out. Here Jasmine was explaining how, what and why she does what she does. She challenged us not to just shoot but to create or begin to at least think about what would be your signature images and to think creatively about our style of shooting. I love challenges :) here are a few of my images.





I love this moment of Ashley and Jeff IMG_6755e

and i love this expression of Ahsley

this photo has such a mystic feel to me.

Ashely said that when her and Jeff got married she his sneakers engraved with the word "poodle"...yep there's a story behind this :)

I thought this was such a fun moment.

such a vogue pose don't you think...I love it!


I love Jeff's smile


Jasmine said...

Great job, Michelle!!
Thanks so much for coming out and spending time with us in the OC! :)

tracyk said...

beautiful images, i luv all of them!

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