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Friday, March 30, 2007

Oliver House Get-Together

Last weekend I had the chance to break bread with some wonderful friends. I had so much FUN!! Hadn't had that in a minute. Thought I would share a few of the highlights.

We definitely has some seriously good food...though you can't really see it (that's because everyone was making their plates). Marnetta (the host) really cooked up some delicious dishes (macaroni and cheese, collard greens, dressing, corn bread, baked chicken, pork ribs, fried chicken and the list goes on. Can't forget about Marnetta's famous Sweet Tea. We also had Desserts as you can see...

While some of us ate others got caught up in the Game, Georgetown vs. North Carolina...I believe Georgetown won. I wasn't really paying attention (hee hee).

There was good conversation, and a little game of Bid Whiz (I'm not really good at playing, but these guys were having fun even though they don't look like it (hee hee) Their all so serious looking. All stone face trying not to reveal their bluffing. LOL.

Then the Ulimate of the evening was a game of "Family Feud" this wasn't just any game, it had a bit of a different twist. Survey says....The questions were based on the Bible....mmmm, you might say. Well all I can say is don't knock it til you try it. It was hilariously fun. Melvin was the Richard Dawson impersonator and Marnetta was the Vanna impersonator (hee hee)

The guys were really trying to concentrate intensely at times (LOL)

While the others were quick to click their buzzer to beat the other opponent to the punch with the correct answer, in the end the winners were.... The Ladies!! But it was all in good fun!

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