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Wednesday, April 11, 2007



Greetings Everyone!

I'm so excited that today is the Debut of my New Website
Michelle White Photography. If you haven't checked it out, please do so right now (just kidding you don't have to stop what you're doing right now, which is reading my blog...you can do it right after you finish reading my blog :)) and make sure you bookmark my page as well as my blog. Some of you have heard me talk, cry and laugh about this website in the making and I want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for all your help and support. I know I probably got on your nerves asking for your opinion a zillion times, looking at colors, fonts and the list goes on and on. I couldn't have done without you.

My site isn't like alot of others with many many pages atleast not yet. Don't let my one page site fool you (lol). It's a newbie for now...it'll be growing soon, that's why you need to bookmark it and check back for all the exciting stuff I have in store.

Oh, just in case your not computer savvy my website is very easy to navigate. When it pops up, click on one of the galleries, relax and enjoy the view. It will automatically move to the next gallery without you having to do anything. Isn't that lovely! But of course, if you'd like to view a specific gallery, there's a little button that will either be at the top or bottom left side, just click it and you're back at the main page...see it's simple. I believe in KISS (Keep it Simple Sweety). Feel free to share your thoughts with me about my website, blog or anything. I appreciate you taking the time out. You can leave a comment on my blog or email it to me at

As an up and coming aspiring professional photographer I'm constantly learning, growing, learning and more growing (haha). My Xtreme Seminar is really becoming clearer to me, there's so much more to photography than just taking that beautiful photo, and BOY I am I learning that to be so true...but I'll have plenty of time to talk about that stuff later :)

Whew! I feel like I've just exhaled with all this verbiage (haha) but that's because I'm so excited. I won't overload you in one sitting so I'll close this posting by saying "Thank You" for stopping by my lil spot in this great big ole world wide web.....oh, and "Start Spreading the News"!



tracy said...

A big congrats Michelle on launching your new website, I'm so excited for you! Love the new look, colors are so fun and cheery. Best wishes!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, It's me. I'm back. Don't I win a prize or giveaway or something??

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