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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Can you say "Surprise"!!! Sorry for the delay in posting these, but hadn't had time until now. Last Friday, there was a Surprise Baby Shower given for a Client I will be photographing on Saturday. These are the hightlights from the Surprise Baby Shower that co-workers so graciously gave her. She didn't have a clue! In fact some of us went above and beyond doing whatever it took to keep her from suspecting anything, while getting the surprise ready, right underneath her nose (hee hee). Ask her to tell you the story behind that one....it's cute!

Michelle told us that Baby Rapp is a boy, but his name will be revealed when he comes into the world.....well enjoy the photos and check back later to see Michelle's Maternity Session posted...I can't wait!!!!!!
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Everyone patiently waiting for the expected Mother-to-be to arrive :)


we ate some carribbean style cruisine...that's Michelle's favorite

Oh and don't forget Winne the Pooh Cake, yummy!! that cake was good, thanks Rocky!!

Michelle explaining how she didn't have a clue!
Baby Rapp kicking, say he can't wait to get out of there !!!

Of course there's the traditional Gift Opening Ceremony

plenty of gifts to open!!!




...and more gifts

...and more gifts

...and more gifts

let's just say by the end she had more gifts then she could carry, Awesome!!

We played games...well they played games.



The Care Bears even made an appearance to demostrate to the new Mommy to be, how you change a diaper (LOL)

In the end everything went off without a hitch!!! Congratulations Michelle!!

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stacey said...

hi michelle,
aww, looks like a fun time. i love all the detail shots you got!

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