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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello 2009!!!

This is my first entry for the New Year and sorry for the delay, but I've been extremely busy with some up and coming projects I'm excited about and will share with you soon. But for now I wanted to tell you about my friend's awesome baby shower I was invited to Saturday. Now I've been to my share of baby showers but never one like this....CO-ED. This was a VERY FUN baby shower with participation from the guys as well as the ladies. Here are just a few of the hightlights i was able to snap.

the decorations were very unique and different, i love them.


Have you ever seen a cake like this before.....awesome and it was DELICIOUS!!!!Youman_3

Plenty of food and everything was very tasty, but the Chili was mmmm,mmmm good. Alisha, my special "Thank You" to the Cooks.Youman_4

Jennifer was so beautiful, she is sure a glowing mother-to-be.

Of course we couldn't pass up the game where you guess her waist size... or is it her belly size....oh I can't remember...but can you guess what her size is?

Oh, now this was the hightlight of the party, besides the wonderful gifts...the guys had their game, and as you can see it got a little physical...in the end Chris, the daddy-to-be won.....psst.....he cheated though, but we'll let him slide (hee heee) 


all in all, we had a great time...

I think Chris enjoyed opening the gifts a little more LOL. Some one remembered he wanted a "man bag" for the baby and he got it!!! yay!! let's here it for Daddy!! But the happy couple really appreciated everything.

This is Jennifer's family, her sister, grandmother, mother, her husband, and Uncle. She has lots of love and support as her and Chris embark on this new and special journey of their life together. A new branch on the family tree is about to spout as the generation continues...family is important and it's just as important to remember these special moments and occasions like this, it's history in the making, a legacy to look back on with those that mean so much to us. So document them with photos.

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Mike said...

Looks like a fun time! Great captures. I hope the new year is treating you well!!

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