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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Itchy, sticky, rainy, zainy Foggy on my Window

Can you say YUCK!!! Yesterday was one of those day...it rained all day. As my mother would tell me "we need the rain for the grass, plants rivers, and more to grow. Ok, I'll agree with that, so as I got up to go into the kitchen to make me a cup of tea, looking out the kitchen window at my back yard, i couldn't help but notice a strange object sticking on my window. So of course i had to get closer to examine what it was (hee hee) and this is what i came eye to eye with, i was too chicken to get close, but I manage to get these shots despite having my umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other. Well when I awoke this morning my little sticky friend had gone...oh well i guess he was just hanging out until the rain pass too..


<span class=rainyfoggy_1" height="550" width="750">

This photo i just shot because it's my little reminder that spring has sprung. Every year it's just amazing to me that this little green plant comes back just at the right time.

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stacey said...

hey michelle! i like your little friend. i hope all is super with you. we should chat soon!

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