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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Skittles...taste the Rainbow

What a header for a posting. Well you'll understand why in a moment. I was invited to a bridal shower of my client and I learned something new that evening about her, besides being sweet, kind, and funny....I learned that Nadeea LOVES Skittles. Yep! that was the theme of her surprise bridal shower. Its those little things that make close girlfriends just that more special and warm and fuzzy all over. When I say she was truly surprise, I mean it. The story she was told was that she was going to another friends party and so we were all being a little loud conversing, laughing, catching up on whats been happening, and as Nadeea came through the door we all yelled "SURPRISE" and you could tell she was totally caught off guard. It was hilarious! Anyway here are a few pics from the shower I wanted to share.

This first pic says it all!


we played games while we waited to surprise Nadeea

then came when we all yelled "SURPRISE", you can see she was got! LOL ;)

we then ate, laughed, and talked some more but then came time for gift opening...yay!

Nadeea has sooooo many gifts...by the way this was a lingerie shower too...

I didn't want to show all the gifts but here are just a few, even though it was a lingerie we had those that wanted to be practical and of course thats always good too :)

Nadeea, thanked everyone for coming and participating in pulling off the surprise shower, but then there was one more thing we had to do...

Cut the cake of course!

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