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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye...2009 :)

I'm sitting here and its about 20 mins til 2010 ushers in...I'm in a reflection mode for some strange reason. I will say this year has been a world wind for a lot of reasons. I've learned more than I knew the year before and I've struggled along the way in learning some of them but that's good too because what won't kill you will make you stronger...or something like that. I know that change is on the horizon and I'm so looking forward to embracing it. But in the meantime and in between time let me take a few more minutes to tell you about my awesome trip to California. I didn't mention a ton of stuff and even in this post I wont' be able to tell it all but here are just a few tidbits that happened while i was there. I won't bore you with too much blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'll just do what i normally do, interject here and there...enjoy !

These are a few images I shot of some of the adorable couples at the Jasmine Star Workshop
this is Jessica and Mike. This couple will be going down the aisle soon...i'm sure of it :)



I love these images of Gladys and Chris. They're getting married November 2010, I'm so excited for them :)



Caught this last bit of sun set...isn't it beautiful...

After the mini shoot on the beach we had dinner and Jasmine met up with us there. I know I've said this before but it was truly a thrill to meet Jasmine and get to know her. She is super awesome and so is her mother and hubby!!




After my workshop. I shot a wedding with my good photographer friend Tracy Kumono and I'll be posting those images in 2010...soon. Tracy took me to a place called Pink Berry. I had never heard of it, but it was sooooo good!



I spent an amazing time with an old friend I hadn't seen in more years than I want to admit and I was totally appreciative of her and her husband's hospitality. My Friend Yolanda is such a sweet and giving person I wanted to say a "SPECIAL THANK YOU" for all you did for me while i was in Cali. She had the coziest accommodations for me :)
She welcomed me with a white rose.



After my late night arrival. I got a good night sleep and the next morning we headed for breakfast...all I can say is delicious...this is why i can never stop working out LOL :)

We did A LOT of catching up and Yolanda took we through the Journey of her Marathon Maniac Club that she is apart of. Yolanda is awesome with her marathon and I'm so proud of her and her accomplishments. Yolanda continue to do you and I know you will reach your goal is 2010!!!







Early morning laughter before I head out to the airport...

Photo moment...I just don't want to have the next one be too as long as this one.

Well it was time to head back to the ATL and though I enjoyed Sunny California I was looking forward to getting back home, but not before i got a couple of Palm Trees! Love Them!!



Anda said...

wow, michelle! I LOVE your images here. my faves are the ones of jasmine reflected in the mirror. you are so talented :) happy new year!

Evie said...

Hey Chica!! It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Love your pictures you are amazing and I still can't believe you got to hang out with Jasmine!! He he!!

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