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Monday, February 15, 2010

Isaiah + Laila

It's such a privilege, thrill, and honor when a photographer has a past client that request you to photograph for them again especially their newborns, it ranks very high up on my list of a "few of my favorite things".
Meet Isaiah and Laila, cutie-pie fraternal twins. They were exactly 2 months old when i photographed them. I think they are the juiciest 2 month old I've ever photographed. I'm not sure how Rachel carried them around in her belly for 9months :) but here they are healthy and beautiful. Not to mention that she kill two birds with one stone by having both a boy and a girl!

Oh, if you're wondering who is the oldest, well it's little mighty man Isaiah, yep I can tell he's going to be a great protector of his little sister Laila, she has such a calm, relaxed, laid back spirit about herself and I think Isaiah will be the party starter if you will LOL. It was so much fun photographing these two little beauties! Thank you Rachel and Laron for allowing me to come into your life and photograph your precious new addition to the family and I wish you all the continued best now and to come!













tracy said...

aww...such cute babies. you caught so many little precious moments. im sure rachel and laron are loving these pics. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Michelle for taking such wonderful pictures of our babies! Aand thanks for hanging in there during Isaiah's meltdown:).

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