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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Melissa + Michael Get Married

Hi Folks,
I know it's been a mintue, just trying to get my bearing straight and steady because it's been a world wind since i got back from my fabalous vacation that i so desperately needed :) but not the cold i caught upon my return. I guess with the season in gear to change it was just a matter of time before i caught it. But i'm feeling much better these days and so ready to post lots of weddings! But this one in particular I must jump before a few. As I mentioned in a previous post just before i went on vacation that Sept 4th my big brother "Mike" as he is affectionately known as married his match! Yep, I never thought my brother would re-marry but he found someone he truly feels is the one for him and i'm soooooo Happy for the both of them. He are a few pics from the mid-summer/pre-fall wedding. It was held in my very own establishment! The weather was perfect, not too hot and a nice breeze flowing we couldn't ask for a better day. Ok, well enough talking and on to the photos. Welcome to the Family Melissa and Again Congratulations to you both!

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i had to post this photo of my aunti because she is the last of my mother's siblings alive so it was a great honor for her to be there! And my mother would've been so proud of my brother and would love Melissa if she were alive to see this special day ;)

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this was a funny moment in trying to get the ring on my brother

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and of course the sealing of it all!

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I don't normally post formal poses but i just liked these next few alot the lighting was great!

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We were dancing our butts off...well the guest were. I took a little step every now and then LOL!

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such a good looking couple!

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